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For people who:

  • Want to get in shape but don’t know how to begin
  • Would like to learn a routine they can then do on their own
  • Know they should exercise but need the structure of regular weekly appointments
  • Want the expertise and ‘eye’ of a trainer to correct alignment or improper form
  • Need to continue exercises prescribed by a physical therapist

All you need is a commitment to a healthier you. With just a mat, an exercise band and some weights, you can accomplish a full work out. We can work in your home, office, or the gym in your apartment building.

Our focus will depend on your body and your preferences, but in general, class includes a combination of:

  • Abdominal exercises for core strength
  • Strength training (using bands and weights) to build or maintain bone mass and physical strength
  • Balance exercises to prevent falls
  • Stretching to maintain flexibility

Cardiovascular training can also be included, though I usually recommend clients do this on their own.

Fee:  $80/hour