“Garrett and I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Lamaze instructor. All of your anecdotes and advice came in handy for our delivery.” Trish P.

“We really loved the class and we even ordered your book and are going through it…We wanted to thank you for expanding our knowledge and preparing us in such a thoughtful and skillful way.  We are already recommending you to so many of our friends who are thinking of having a baby.”  Anna S.

‘Diana’s class was informative and comprehensive…My positive childbirth experience is a direct result of the confidence and education I received from Diana.”   Rosalie B.

“Prior to attending our class, we had both reservations and preconceptions about what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised and fortunate to have such a positive experience. The class, and, in particular, Diana, had an enormous impact on us. Diana’s class was informative and comprehensive. She walked us through breathing techniques, the stages of birth and all possible contingencies during labor. Her gentle teaching style and upbeat personality were extremely comforting. My positive childbirth experience is a direct result of the confidence and education I received from Diana.” Laura G.

“Jeff and I really enjoyed your class and felt that it really did prepare us for the twists and turns of our birth experience (which we were very happy with.) From the breathing exercises to all the laboring positions I could try to get myself comfortable in to what to expect when the baby was actually born to your personal advice to us on how to approach our doctor after a previous appointment where he was a bit touchy…Thank you again for everything. We will certainly recommend your class to friends of ours who are expecting!” Chestnut B.

“Class put things in perspective and made me more confident about what to expect and my ability to labor without an epidural…Diana was great – very inspiring and calming, but realistic at the same time.” Fran T.

“Mandie was a superstar – no pain meds, epidural, induction of labor…she did everything naturally and Samantha was born! What a truly incredible experience…Even with only two classes, your teachings were invaluable and made the process a lot easier.”  Colin C.

“Justin and I got a great deal out of the classes. We certainly learned something new every week. It was very comforting and reassuring. As I mentioned briefly, I wanted to do classes as I didn’t really know much about the whole process…You made it sound both manageable and doable-no small feat with me! It was also a wonderful time to spend with Justin – just focusing on what we’ll need to do for each other and the baby put a whole new spin on the past months and the journey we’re on.” Liz M.

“The labor and delivery were hard work but an amazing and rewarding experience.  The breathing techniques, positions and lessons we learned in class were extremely helpful and made it possible for me to function through many hours of contractions. At 8 cm I did receive an epidural which allowed me to rest before pushing, all things we knew more about thanks to you!  Thank you for everything!”   Domenica K.

“Richard and I want to thank you for all the valuable information we learned from your class…My OB said we were trained well:) We absolutely agree.  The information gave us a “roadmap” on what to expect.”       Carolyn L.

“I ended up having a scheduled c-section because (the) baby was in a transverse position for about the last 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy…The knowledge we learned in classs was still invaluable and so helpful.” Debbie B.

“Tom and I are pleased to announce that we had a boy…BTW: I used every single breathing exercise and most of the pushing positions we learned in our Lamaze class during the 2-plus days of labor and delivery.  Thank god for the class!” April R.

“We found the childbirth classes with Diana to be extremely helpful in preparing us for the labor process as well as gaining a full understanding of what might or might not happen on the big day, which in turn gave us the knowledge and confidence to make good decisions and judgments when the time came. We liked Diana’s laid back teaching style as well as the fact that she empowers her students to think for themselves rather than plod along blindly and head for the epidural as soon as you get to the hospital, which can all too easily happen. Above all else, Diana’s classes gave us the opportunity to build a network of other parents and babies the same age as our son, which has been a wonderful support now that Asher has been born.” Tom F.

“All in all, (labor was) a beautiful experience.  Thank you for the fabulous preparation!.”  Melanie B.

“Michael and I just want to thank you for an informative childbirth class.  We didn’t exactly look forward to 10 hours of childbirth class, but ended up finding the class enjoyable — even entertaining! — and felt you had our best interests at heart.  Michael has already recommended the class to two of his friends.”  Marja L.

“It was an amazing experience and now is when I realized the value of the class we took because I was prepared, had an idea of what was coing and was able to help/guide my wife through the whole process.  I don’t think I would have reacted the same way without the material I learned in class.  Thanks, Diana, for being such a good instructor.”  Mario S.

“Definitely used many of the things we learned in class, more in the bigger picture sense than any particulars, but feeling informed helped us every step of the way.”  Jason C.

“I was very skeptical and nervous at first before coming to Lamaze but Diana was WONDERFUL!! So informative! And she built my confidence and knowledge… I had no idea I would feel this confident and ready to be supportive of my wife.  Thank you!” Claudio T.

“Thanks, Diana.  It was a great help to John and me to have such a knowledgeable and calm teacher navigate us through entirely unfamiliar (though exciting) experience.  We really appreciated your informative, but accessible approach to the material, which enabled us to feel comfortable asking questions or just absorbing the material as it came.  We do feel an increased sense of confidence going into the birthing experience, thanks to your expertise.”  Mary C. M.

“We thank you for ALL of your wisdom and the method in which you delivered all of your knowledge – I DEFINITELY had you in my head for my breathing exercises EVEN in the C-section!  Although I had no pain, I needed that breathing to ensure me that baby was going to be OK.  Eamon was a great partner and stood by me to remind me to breath and reiterated encouraging words – that ALL came from you!”   Tanya B.

“I want to thank you for all the crucial information you supplied Cory and I with in preparation for the birth of our son.  We had a general plan of how we wanted to deliver, but your series really helped us understand all the options and gave us a good clue into the birthing process.  Something neither of us understood at all….Your course was invaluable and we went into this as prepared as we could be.  It was a beautiful, beautiful night and I’m really proud of myself and Cory.  We were a great team.”  Nicole L.

“The lessons were very helpful as it made us feel more confident in our decisions and we felt informed.”  Katy K.

“Apologies that Darin and I missed the last Lamaze class but surprise, our baby decided to arrive early at 35 weeks and 2 days…Lamaze class was so informative for us…I pushed for two hours and what (you) said is right, don’t hold your breath.  You are using using your abs, not your face.”  Mary L.


“We loved your class and felt like we learned so much and definitely feel more prepared and empowered for labor and delivery.”  Laure L


“Lamaze class was so informative for us and we didn’t have to use piton!  I pushed for two hours and what Diana referenced is right, don’t hold your breath.  You are pushing using your abs, not your face.”  Mary Y


“Tim and I cannot thank you enough for your time.  We learned so much and wish there was another class next week.  You’ve taught us critical tips and shared insight that will help us advocate for our baby and ourselves during this new and exciting/frightful time.  Although we know anything can, and likely will, happen during the birth of our first child, we now feel more confident to handle the circumstances than we did before we attended your Lamaze class.  You have given us a gift of your expertise and insight and we are very thankful!”  Allegra H