Individual preferences, special circumstances or a hectic schedule can make attending a group class impossible.  In this case private lessons are the answer.  They can be held in your home (Manhattan only) or mine on the Upper East Side.

These circumstances include:

  • Having an irregular or busy schedule
  • Needing a daytime class (especially applicable for actors and musicians)
  • Having forgotten or been unable to register for a group class and now the due date is fast approaching
  • Wanting the privacy of one-to-one instruction

The focus is usually on the practical information best taught in person, such as the Lamaze breathing patterns, relaxation techniques, massage, how to be a helpful partner in labor, positions for labor and delivery and how to push.

These lessons usually consist of two sessions of two to three hours, depending on what is needed. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Fee: $100 per hour (plus taxi fare from my home to yours if in your home.)